Sit for a moment or twoAppreciate the things around youWith the group or just you twoAlone? Don't worry the right one will find you...Just relax and it's fine not to ponderFor a while it's ok , if the mind wanna wander...It's a race out there, nothing wrongUp to you, wanna run it; then how long?Just… Continue reading Pause!!!


TakeOnTreks- Kalsubai

In more than one way year 2020 was an unprecedented year!! So much had happened, the pandemic, the lockdown, the chaos, the loss and grief. All this made 2020 hell lot of year. However for travel enthusiasts,like me, 2020 has felt like a Lifetime!! Like most people I also spent the year being at home,… Continue reading TakeOnTreks- Kalsubai


आज दसरा... सण म्हंटला की जणू मनाला सवयच लागलीये बालपणीच्या आठवणींच्या पोतडीतून काही क्षण हाती लागतात का बघायची. दसरा-दिवाळी हे सण पाठच्या भावा-बहिणींसारखें येतात. दसरा येतो तेच दिवाळी येणार आहे हे सांगत. पण म्हणून काही त्याचं कौतुक करून घ्यायला तो विसरत नाही. आठवतंय तेव्हापासून दसराही आपल्याच थाटात येतो आणि कळत नकळत नवी सुरुवात देऊन जातो…… Continue reading दसरा…

Animated Bioscope

The other day my sister drew a beautiful picture for me - Frozen gals Elsa and Anna.  She is a good artist but don’t pursue it often owing to hectic office schedule and mostly to laziness 😉 I can have a separate blog post on this- siblings love you know! But that’s not today’s topic.… Continue reading Animated Bioscope