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Soulसंवाद an inner echo on outer experiences

The name is combination of two words from different languages “Soul” from English and “संवाद” from Marathi which means “conversation” lietral english translation would be “conversations with (one’s) soul”

I believe life is full of experiences, some making lasting impressions on us. It is upon us how we turn, learn and move ahead with these experiences. My motto of life is simple “embrace whatever life offers”- enjoy, explore,experience !!

Expressions cannot be caged in one specific language and I feel blessed to be able to express in two languages Marathi (my mother tongue) and English. Thus the name “Soulसंवाद” !! Similarly they cannot be caged in once specific form, I chose to express through writing- short stories, poetry, travelogue or any form of write up.

I usually have these self conversations or reflections on various experiences of every day life and travel .Some of which completes the journey from mind to paper thus creating “an inner echo on outer experiences”.

Soulसंवाद is collection of such conversations hope you’ll enjoy reading it.