Once Upon a Time in 2020

Disclaimer: All the characters and events depicted in this write up are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, is purely co-incidental.

Period: Any random year from 2025-2045

Scene 1 (Place: Kitchen; Mom is baking another order for a birthday party. Jay comes in…)

Jay: Maa (tasting a freshly baked muffin) Mmmm…these muffins are yummy

Mom: What do you want?

Jay: O C’mon, can’t I compliment you just like that?

Mom: You can, but you won’t.

Jay: Seriously Maa, you’re superrr baker. I feel proud, how with these skills you created a world for your own besides us. Especially now when me and Pa are busy in studies and office.

Mom (she always had a feeling that her small business is stealing her family time) You really think so?

Jay:  Of course, though I wonder how and when you picked up baking? Granny was into it?

Mom: Nah.. it all started with a baking challenge. Once upon a time in 2020 there was a lock-down…

Scene 2 (Place: Living Room; Dad engrossed in his laptop. Shriya is looking out of window with deep life thoughts in mind)

Shriya: Papa, listen na…

Dad: (his eyes fixed on the screen) Hmm…

Shriya: I was thinking… (pauses) are you listening?

Dad: (without changing his sight) You have my ears… spill it out what you want.

Shriya: I was thinking after my studies… I won’t join you in your business.

Dad: Wait… what? Why? I have been waiting for you to join me. I had some expansion plans on which we could work together.

Shriya:  Please papa… don’t be so paranoid. I wanna explore my area of interest. The real passion in me that will ignite me to run my own start up.

Dad: Ugh… it will take all your wonder years to start from scratch. Instead you start with me and later build upon what you like.

Shriya: But Papa, I want to start fresh… just like you. How you left your job for an idea you thought could be a good business opportunity and worked hard to make it a successful venture. How it clicked you?

Dad: Ah beta, it’s a long story… once upon a time in 2020 there was a lock-down

Scene 3 (Place: Random Coffee Shop; Mona-Debbie college friends, catching up after long time)

Mona: (hugging Debbie) Look at you, you’ve not changed a bit. The same charm, who’ll believe that you’re a mother of two teenagers!!

Debbie: HaHa thank you!! And you are also the same. Except that now you spend most of your time in travelling abroad on your business trips Corporate Lady

Mona: Yeah… but at times I miss being around family and our group’s get-togethers

Debbie: But that’s what makes you happy right, your work?

Mona: Indeed, and I’m glad that hubby and kids understand my dreams. Tell me about you how’s Kunal and children doing…

Debbie: He is amazing, occupied in his research work. Kids are good too enjoying their teenage life and studies. I’m pretty much happy with my boutique and fashion blog.

Mona: That’s great. You know what, our group still wonders how come you two got along? I mean Kunal- a geek in relationship with studies, always in his cocoon. And you a social butterfly, beauty queen and a fashion diva.

Debbie: (with contented smile) yeah, probably that’s why they say opposites attract.

Mona: But you two never interacted in college. (with a curious tone…) Tell me when and how it started.

Debbie: You recall year 2020 there was this lock-down….

Scene 4 (Place: Random home, Sunday afternoon Vaidehi is cleaning kitchen, Vini completing her homework so that she gets her playtime, TV is on Varun is adjusting himself on couch to get the right position to watch today’s game)

Vaidehi: (shouting) Varun … I’m telling you last time, clean that cupboard today. It’s full of unused stuff you don’t read books, haven’t played that guitar in ages and those fitness instruments…  If you had actually used those… couch would have accommodated you effortlessly.

Varun: (that last sentence did the wonder, he got up from the couch) Have I ever said anything about the big cupboard in our bedroom which is full of your clothes and accessories? But you have problem with my one small cupboard in the corner of the hall.

Vaidehi: O hello, at least I use my stuff. In a fling you thought that reading can be your hobby you hardly read one. Looking at celebrity fitness videos on Instagram you bought those instruments. We need that cupboard for Vini to keep her high school stuff.

(Till now acting indifferent to all the chaos, Vini jumps into the conversation)

Vini:  Dad, if what Mumma is saying is right. Then why you got all that stuff?

Vaidehi: (waiting for this opportunity) Quarantine Activity!! You know beta, once upon a time in 2020 there was a lock-down…

Scene 5 (Place: Hospital Ajay’s wife is sleeping after nurse gave her medicine. Ajay picks up a book and Milind, the patient from adjoining room knocks the door)

Milind: Namaste Ajay ji, hope I’m not disturbing you. If you don’t mind can we get chat over a cup of tea in my room?

Ajay: (keeping the book back) Sure, but don’t order it from hospital canteen. I have flask full of tea, my daughter-in-law just dropped by to give that and some snacks.

Milind: You’re lucky Ajay ji. Your son and his family is around. I have seen them visiting you, taking care, bringing food, spending time with you two. My son and his family is also nice but they can’t be around for long… he went abroad for studies and now settled there. At least your son wants to stay here with you

Ajay: (nodding) Now yes. However, this was not the case always. No doubt he and his wife are nice, they care for us and we are a big happy family. But there was time when he also wanted to settle outside. In fact he had got a job opportunity as well…

Milind: Then what happened? Why didn’t he take that?

Ajay: You recall there was a pandemic in 2020….

So friends, what do you think?  What will be your story?  Do share in the comments section.

© 16.05.2020 The copyright and other intellectual property rights of this content and material including photographs , graphical images and the layout is owned by the author and soulsanvaad.com


14 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in 2020”

  1. You have really got amazing creativity with words.
    Very well written.. clean and crisp. Reading this article has been refreshing and motivating. I really need to think .. what my pandemic 2020 story will be ? 🙂 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful stories woven together with a single theme. Simple and thoughtful. It also gives a very positive vibe of the future. One thing that all these stories have is ‘Hope’. That there will be a time when all this ends and we will have great stories to tell.
    Amazing article Amruta Tai. Great going!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Its gives us an insight of how many of us would be talking/refering to this lockdiwn phase in future. Very Good write up Amruta. As always fond of your writing which is always fresh and relatable.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A nice write up with imaginatve ideas. Keeping oneself in that persons’ place & narrating. And summing up it as potntial stories of 2020 lockdown. Fantastic !

    Liked by 1 person

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