Anay and Auro

It’s been three months for Anay in a foreign country and a first relaxed weekend! Till now he was occupied in settling at new work place, exploring the city, finding an apartment and attempting to transform that place to be called as his ‘new home’. Sitting on a bean bag in the balcony, dipping a… Continue reading Anay and Auro


“Dad To Be”

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon he was lying on bed with laptop on his belly (his permanent baby bump as she used to call it). He was going through the baby shower pictures. She has just reminded him (again!) to short list few for their 'baby is here news' as it could be at… Continue reading “Dad To Be”

Once Upon a Time in 2020

Disclaimer: All the characters and events depicted in this write up are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, is purely co-incidental. Period: Any random year from 2025-2045 Scene 1 (Place: Kitchen; Mom is baking another order for a birthday party. Jay comes in...) Jay: Maa (tasting a freshly baked muffin) Mmmm…these muffins… Continue reading Once Upon a Time in 2020