Sit for a moment or two
Appreciate the things around you
With the group or just you two
Alone? Don’t worry the right one will find you…

Just relax and it’s fine not to ponder
For a while it’s ok , if the mind wanna wander…

It’s a race out there, nothing wrong
Up to you, wanna run it; then how long?
Just remember while you run, life goes along
So pause a lil and groove on your favourite song…

Stuff can be overwhelming n gloomy
Things may seem unfair n you feel all bloomy…

That’s fine you’re not the only one
Then or now, it happens with everyone
Feeling of guns n roses, has spared none
Not finding the sunshine? Then be the one!!
~Amruta Tamhne
#impromptulinesbyAT #travelwithamruta #picsofsolace #mindechos #amrutamrut #soulsanvaad

© 20.10.2022 The copyright and other intellectual property rights of this content and pictures are with the author and Soulसंवाद .


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