Tamil Tales: Rameswaram and Ghost Town

Tamil Tales is a series of experiences from my recent backpacking trip to the state of Tamil Nadu (TN). Hoping you would enjoy the journey as I take you through the inner echoes on outer experiences Journey continued... I was relieved to see my luggage safe at the tour operator’s office; guess after all trusting your… Continue reading Tamil Tales: Rameswaram and Ghost Town


TakeOnTreks- Kalsubai

In more than one way year 2020 was an unprecedented year!! So much had happened, the pandemic, the lockdown, the chaos, the loss and grief. All this made 2020 hell lot of year. However for travel enthusiasts,like me, 2020 has felt like a Lifetime!! Like most people I also spent the year being at home,… Continue reading TakeOnTreks- Kalsubai

Beyond Spiti

Spiti Valley – one of the favorite destination on every avid traveler’s list especially who is fascinated by the mountains. I had first heard about Spiti Valley- the middle land between India and Tibet, in 2015 and it instantly on boarded my travel list. And finally, I could make it happen in Aug 2019!!During these… Continue reading Beyond Spiti