TakeOnTreks- Kalsubai

In more than one way year 2020 was an unprecedented year!! So much had happened, the pandemic, the lockdown, the chaos, the loss and grief. All this made 2020 hell lot of year.

However for travel enthusiasts,like me, 2020 has felt like a Lifetime!! Like most people I also spent the year being at home, scrolling through travel memories and spamming Insta feeds with posts “miss traveling” kinda hashtags. Being a mountain lover had made a pact with myself to be amidst them at least once a year especially Himalayan treks. Looking at the situation had made my mind that my date with mountains won’t happen in 2020. But then slowly things started getting to normal…and I thought…

If not Himalayas…then why not my very own Sahyadris!! So here I’m.. Breaking the ‘no trek’ spell casted by 2020…with my first ever trek to Maharashtra’s highest peak Kalsubai (5400ft). After ages I did the night trek in Sahyadris. Starting at 2.30am trekking through the treacherous rocky path overlooking the valley with my torch and Moon guiding I could reach the top to witness one of the best Sunrise.

This trek and night camping was all needed to Sign Off 2020 !!

Sharing some snapshots…

My companion during the night trek… guiding me through..
Somewhere between ‘after moonset and before sunrise”

Mesmerizing hues of Sky…Nature is the best artist and sky is the apt canvas to spread it’s Colors… How can one not fall in love with these scenes 😍

And the Sun…appears….adding Royal’ness’ to all the earlier hues…😍❤️

Some captures while at the top…

Few more…

This trek re-connected me to Sahyadris. Himalayas are welcoming and tough… Sahyadris are caring and have there own challenges for trekkers. Both of them have one thing in common they help to challenge your limits and help you achieve the balance once you surrender to their mightiness with full faith !!

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